Glossmeters (1)

A glossmeter (gloss meter) is an portable instrument which is used to measure specular reflection gloss of a surface. Gloss is determined by projecting a beam of light at a fixed intensity and angle onto a surface and measuring the amount of reflected light at an equal but opposite angle. One of the most popular are single angle glossmeters and triple angle glossmeters.

There are a number of different geometries available for gloss measurement, each being dependent on the type of surface to be measured.
The angle is selected based on the anticipated gloss range: High Gloss >70 GU, if measurement exceeds 70 GU, needed change test setup to 20°, Medium Gloss: 10 - 70 GU, measure under 60°, Low Gloss: <10 GU, If measurement is less than 10 GU, needed change test setup to 85°. If the measurement made at 60° is greater than 70 GU, the measurement angle should be changed to 20° to optimise measurement accuracy. Three types of instruments are available on the market: 60° single angle instruments, a combination of 20° and 60° and one type that combines 20°, 60° and 85°.

Mini glossmeter GT60S is single angle glossmeter (60°), especially designed for measuring small areas and curvy surfaces. Handheld gloss meter GT60S is the one of the smallest gloss meter in the world. Mini glossmeter is designed and manufactured according to international…